Membership Categories

Regular Membership

Regular membership is a voting membership,

available to commercial or educational radio or television broadcasting

stations licensed in Iowa, and/or located in a contiguous state and

broadcasting into Iowa, legally authorized to transmit AM or FM radio

signals or VHF or UHF television signals over the air. AM and/or FM

radio or television stations sold separately and/or located in separate

markets, shall have a regular membership for each station.

Regular membership dues are calculated using a grid

formula based on population, type of station signal/frequency and number of stations owned.

Educational/Non-Comm’l station dues are $66.00

For detailed information call the IBA office at 515-224-7237


Associate Membership

Associate membership is a non-voting

membership available to any person, company, or corporation engaged in

a commercial enterprise doing business with or providing goods and

services to Iowa broadcasters, or are engaged in the area of broadcast

education. Associate members are not eligible for regular membership.

Associate membership dues are $242.00.

Educational Associate membership dues are $66.00.

For detailed information call the IBA Office at 515-224-7237