Alternative Broadcast Inspection Program

In cooperation with the FCC, IBA has established the Alternative Broadcast Inspection Program (ABIP) to help stations stay in compliance with FCC rules and regulations. Under the IBA Alternative FCC Inspection program, Iowa stations request to be inspected every three years by an IBA inspection engineer.  Stations inspected and certified to be in compliance with the FCC’s technical rules, are exempt from routine inspection by the FCC Field Office for 3-years.

Certificate of Compliance Benefits

  • Exemption from routine FCC Field Office inspections for 3-years
  • Ensuring compliance with FCC rules and regulations
  • Educating and raising awareness among station staff of technical rules


How the IBA Inspection Program Works

ABIP inspections take place in Iowa every 3-years.

An IBA Inspection Engineer, trained and authorized by the FCC, conducts inspections.  These inspections are typically based upon the applicable FCC Broadcast Station Self-Inspection Checklist.

Stations will be notified of any violations and given a reasonable period of time to correct violations. A re-inspection may be conducted if necessary.

When the facility is found in compliance, a Certificate of Compliance will be issued to the station and to the FCC Field Office.

This IBA subsidized program is a unique partnership between the State Associations and FCC with the intent of helping keep stations fine free.

For questions about the IBA ABIP program contact the IBA office at 515-224-7237.