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Obituary for Bill Sanders

Born: May 4, 1944
Died: March 6, 2022
Age: 77


Memorial services will be held at a later date.


Riverside Cemetery
Spencer, IA

In Memory of

William "Bill" Rhea Sanders

     Who knew what a magnificent life Wm Rhea Sanders “Bill” would have when he was born May 4, 1944 in Knoxville TN.  And no one would know in his young life how much fight he’d have in him to continue living after his first of several rare cancers were diagnosed in 1984. He was the most “optimistic “ person on earth and he oozed positivity every single day. The man never had a “bad” day!

     Even when the cancers took away his ability to smile/laugh/eat/drink and talk he continued to look forward.  He was not going to let the disfigurations stop him from living life to its fullest.

     He and his wife were fortunate to be vagabonds and explore this magnificent world by ship, by motorhome, my air. They spent several years going to every NASCAR race in their motorhome. Cruised around the world several times and met many new people they were proud to call “new friends”.

     Bill’s finest trait was his generosity. He received joy helping people in and out of the public eye throughout his entire life! 

     Bill’s schooling at St John’s Military Academy (1956-1962) in Delafield, WI provided him with the skills to proudly serve as a US Army Intelligence agent during the vietNam war.

     His work life started and ended in the world of radio broadcasting. He purchased KICD AM/FM In 1979 and grew the company into one of the “BEST” small market radio corporations in the country. He served as owner and General Manager from 1979 - 2000 when he retired.

     He was very active in the local/state and National broadcasting industry.

       1990 inducted into Iowa Broadcasting Hall of fame.

        1980-1985 Board of Directors IOWA Broadcasters Assoc

         1984-1985 President of IOWA Broadcasters Assoc.

           1986-1990 Board of Directors National Assoc of Broadcasters

            1989-1990 Chairman of Radio board, National Assoc of Broadcasters

             1994-1999 Chairman of the National Assoc of Farm Broadcasters

              Nov 2010 - Special Achievement Award of National Assoc of Farm Broadcasters

              1995-1999 Advisory Board of the Associated Press.

NO ONE enjoyed life more than Bill Sanders! 

     He is survived by his wife of 47 years, Rebecca Redmond Sanders (Arnolds Park): his son, Wm “Matt” Sanders (Spencer) ;

Peter and Cindy Redmond (Spirit Lake) Chelsea, Jeff, Porter Palmquist (Denver) and many many friends throughout his magnificent world!

     Especially missing him will be Sammie, Sophie, Freya, Frankie - 4 legged friends who knew him as the “Cracker” man.


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