Iowa EAS RMT Schedule for 2019

A reminder…State EAS tests are always the first Wednesday of the month and times are approximate.

January 2, 20198:55A
February 6, 20192:55A
March 6, 2019 8:55A
April 3, 20192:55A
May 1, 2019 8:55A
June 5, 20192:55A
July 3, 20198:55A
August 7, 20192:55A
September 4, 20198:55A
October 2, 20192:55A
November 6, 20198:55A
December 4, 20192:55A

For all EAS questions, contact State EAS Coordinators, Jim Davies, jim-davies@uiowa.edu or Joe Schloss jschloss@spencerradiogroup.com.